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Let me start by saying that Premium Hot Yoga has changed my life.  It lengthened and strengthened my body and helped me to become more centered…complete benefits physically and mentally.  That was the reason I entered into the training…it changed my life and I wanted to do the same and help other people.

Marina Bourantonis is not just an amazing instructor in the yoga room but she is an amazing teacher.  She has so much knowledge from her years of study, education, and training that I felt so incredibly fortunate to be able to be taught and learn from her.  She has a true passion for educating and teaching – and that is what made my experience going through the training so special and personalized.  Going through the training you don’t only learn the dialog, but you also learn the history, the reasons and benefits behind each of the poses, anatomy and health benefits, and learn how the mind, body, and heart are all connected through each posture.

If you have ever considered being and instructor, have a passion for hot yoga, and/or want to better your own personal practice … learning from Marina has been an incredible experience.  Her teaching and training in the Premium and Thavma hot yoga methods is truly and specialized and I feel honored to have been able to learn from her.