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My first experience with any form of yoga was with Thavma Yoga, and I am so grateful that it was! I have been going here since June of 2014 and my body could not thank me enough! Marina is an amazing and extremely informative teacher! Throughout my Bikram class, she made sure all the students had clear instructions for our posing and reasons as to why or how our body benefitted from each pose or breaking exercise. I am usually one to wonder why for everything, but after my first class, everything was explained.
Also, the studio is new and state of the art, extremely clean, and not odorous at all for being a hot studio where everyone sweats profusely. I have fallen in love with Bikram because of my experience here and I hope this will help give ANYONE that little nudge we need at times to care for our bodies. THANK YOU FOR EXISTING THAVMA YOGA!