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This training was enlightening, wonderful, daunting and nerve-racking. If you are a person who likes a challenge and likes to be challenged to find growth in body, mind and spirit, then this is a great training for you.

ThaVma Yoga Studio and it’s owner & lead instructor; Marina Bourantonis represent that healing and joy that I wanted to make a part of my life. Not only that, but having known Marina for many years prior, I knew that she would also provide a challenge to the athlete and student in me (I just didn’t know it was going to be quite that challenging). Her approach to yoga with a mentality of injury healing and prevention work, with the detailed study of anatomy, alignment and injury types, put an intense spin on her yoga teacher training.

I know that because I chose this training, I will be a better teacher than I would have been had I chosen any of the other trainings out there, to create the foundation of the yoga healer I am to become. I will always challenge myself to study more, and take different yoga trainings out there so that I may understand more deeply this amazing healing gift that is yoga. But at my core, I will have ThaVma’s training, providing me with a foundation template to guide me to be the best yoga healer I can be.