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I fell in love with yoga the very first Bikram Class I took over 12 years ago. I had wanted to take the training when I lived in Connecticut, but I couldn’t arrange it around my family and career. I supplemented my need to learn with a regular Bikram and Baptiste practice, posture clinics and yoga training retreats a few times per year.

I moved to Florida, met Marina, and I began the Premium Hot Yoga Teacher Training on February 25th 2017. The training was amazing, challenging, anxiety provoking and time consuming but I was still able to work my scheduled hours at the hospital. (I am an operating room RN at Blake Medical Center.) What surprised me most was how much I needed to learn after practicing regularly for so long.

Marina’s thorough knowledge of different styles of yoga especially addressing asanas as they relate to proper alignment was a valuable learning experience. The focus on spinal alignment was highlighted throughout the training. I have assisted, scrubbed and circulated many spinal surgical procedures in the operating room over my 30 year career, so learning how to keep the spine healthy through asanas was especially important to me.  The small class size allowed for individual attention which accentuated the learning process. Posture photos with corrections were a great learning tool to recognize alignment errors in students as well as benefiting my personal practice. The 25 questions were thought provoking and researching the answers lead to a greater understanding of all aspects of yoga.  The dialogue…..35 pages of pure memorization…that part was grueling.  Marina told us to “Trust the Process”—those words resonated within me throughout the training and continue to do so. Marina was an asset in helping to build the confidence needed to get on that podium and speak for 90 minutes.  I am so thankful that this opportunity was available to me. I now can confidently lead a class and am a certified 200hr RYT with Yoga Alliance.  I feel blessed that I can share my passion for yoga.