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I am used to being a very active person, however, one with progressive back issues. Recently I had to stop playing tennis for a while after aggravating a back condition. Years ago, I was told by a Physical Therapist that Yoga should be an integral part of my life. I have tried to like Yoga, have tried many different types of classes with an effort to connect and enjoy it, but I never did so I stopped going . Since I recently could not play tennis and was in much pain and discomfort, I decided for once in my life to try Yoga again (even if I didn’t like it). This time, I decided to try Bikram Yoga but to take a private lesson so at least I had a general idea of what I was doing when I would make myself go to classes.

(Obviously I had come in with a mind set that I wasn’t going to like it since I never liked Yoga!) What I didn’t know is what I surprise I was in for! I took a lesson with the owner, Marina, who is knowledgeable and understands injuries and back issues. She spent an hour with me. I don’t generally like heat but in this case, I LOVED the dry heat and it allowed my muscles to work and stretch more easily. At the beginning of the lesson, my body had no flexibility whatsoever and by the end of class, I was able to move and stretch and without pain and discomfort! More importantly, by that afternoon, I was almost pain free and have been that way since!!

When we were done, I thought it best I book one more private before I started class so that I could immerse myself in doing things correctly. Marina, thank you for your knowledge and your commitment to what you love to do! I look forward to my next lesson on Monday and making ThalVma Bikram Yoga a part of my life!! Now I look forward to coming to classes!!