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This training was enlightening, wonderful, daunting and nerve-racking. If you are a person who likes a challenge and likes to be challenged to find growth in body, mind and spirit, then this is a great training for you. ThaVma Yoga Studio and it’s owner & lead instructor; Marina Bourantonis represent that healing and joy that I wanted…

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Let me start by saying that Premium Hot Yoga has changed my life.  It lengthened and strengthened my body and helped me to become more centered…complete benefits physically and mentally.  That was the reason I entered into the training…it changed my life and I wanted to do the same and help other people. Marina Bourantonis…

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The Premium Hot Yoga and the Thavma Method Training was a completely immersive experience. Not only did the information provided through the classes offer so much added context to the art of yoga and detailed explanations of the anatomy of the postures, but Marina’s process of teaching through doing the postures made me confident as a teacher…

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I fell in love with yoga the very first Bikram Class I took over 12 years ago. I had wanted to take the training when I lived in Connecticut, but I couldn’t arrange it around my family and career. I supplemented my need to learn with a regular Bikram and Baptiste practice, posture clinics and…

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What a great studio with lots of awesome classes and convenient times! The Thavma Red Method class kicked my butt…Marina is awesome. I was sore for days, it was wonderful!! I’m used to spin class, so I like how these classes work other muscles.

One of the best serious Yoga class I have taken.

Super friendly place and awesome atmosphere for bikram.

I loved it! It was a great environment! Clean! I love that there is a bathroom inside the yoga studio! The owner and staff are awesome! Can’t wait to go back!

Thavma Yoga has been a key component to the improvements in my golf swing over the past year.  My ability to make a full shoulder turn without losing leverage in my legs or injuring my back has resulted in longer distances with my driver and irons, as well as much more consistency in my golf…

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