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First Time Advice

Pre-Class Preperation

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Avoid heavy meals before class and try to avoid food up to 2 hours before class time. Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach but having some light snacks is okay (e.g. fruit). Hydrate well before class by drinking plenty of fluids leading up to class. We also sell coconut water, sports drinks and bottled water.

Upon Arrival

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Classes start promptly so be sure to arrive on time for class. Students will not be allowed into class after the teacher’s introductions are complete, to prevent disrupting the class for the other students.

During & After Class

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We put all the new students in the back row and they follow along, watching other students in front of them and do the best they can. As you become more experienced you move forward to the front rows. The very front row students being the most experienced students in the school. There is a light atmosphere and no pressure to perform. All you need do is your best on that day. And trust me that will vary from class to class.

The class is a demanding series of The Hatha yoga Postures suited for both the beginner and more experienced students. The room is heated to around 104 F and each class is 60-90 minutes in duration – this results in a fairly rigorous workout and it is very common to feel overwhelmed or a bit odd during your first visit. It is ok to sit down at any point during the class.

The first 15 – 30 minutes after class is the most crucial time to recover. Take it easy and drink plenty of water. Come back to your next class within 24-48 hours.

About Us

Thavma is a combination of the first letters of our names Thano and Marina . The –V- with the flame in the center, stands for Vikrum in Sanskrit which is for Victory. The Flame, on the top symbolizing the heat we use at the Thavma Yoga studio.

In Greek, Thavma means; “miracle”, and its exactly what I have experienced after doing 20 years of Hatha yoga. After walking out of a Thavma Yoga class, a true victory is accomplished and miracles begin to happen.

It is our intention to provide a space that nurtures and supports you on your journey  of life changing experiences and good health.

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If you have any questions or would like to get more information about our studio, feel free to contact us. We look forward to having you here at Thavma Yoga.